Corporate Social Responsibility

Abadías Corporate Social Responsibility
Our collaboration with Solidarity Projects.


For several years now, Abadías decided to open a CSR channel on this Web, to inform their customers and suppliers about the different charitable projects where the company participates in this area.

Being aware of the existence of a vulnerable and disadvantaged backgrounds, we want to contribute to the project collaborating with some NGOs of international scope (Ayuda en Acción, Doctors without Borders, Save the Children) with large aid projects of reconstruction of villages, building of schools and hospitals in disadvantaged areas without resources, implementing food aid programs, collecting and sending school materials, sponsoring a child in  disadvantaged countries, besides some awareness projects in Spain.

Abadías collaborates with Ayuda en AcciónAbadías collaborates with Save the ChildrenABadías collaborates with Doctors without Borders

Customized promotional items with printed linings
Printed linings

Customized promotional items with printed linings. Perfect for discreet branding.

Customized promotional items with embroidered textile labels
Embroidered textile labels

Customized promotional items with embroidered textile labels. Discreet and original branding for bags and backpacks.

Helpline for producers in poor countries - Fairtrade Cotton Products.


In addition to our collaboration in solidarity projects of this magnitude, we believed in the need to collaborate on aid projects focus on small cotton farmers in developing countries.And for this reason, Abadías launched the production of Fairtrade items manufactured with Fairtrade cotton; this product line carries a label that identifies them as such.

Being the FAIRTRADE certification, the independent guarantee that the cotton of these products has been produced in accordance with international standards of Fairtrade.And for this reason, we also give the opportunity to our customers to collaborate with this initiative, purchasing items of this ecological line. The purchase of this product, made from Certified Fairtrade cotton enables the improvement of working conditions and the lives of cotton farmers in developing countries.

Abadías collaborates with Fairtrade


Business values ​​- Abadías, member of the Spanish Global Compact of the United Nations.


Moreover, there is also a very important line of work in our business evolution, supported by the organization of The Global Compact and the 10 principles that the organization disseminates.

We want to thank the Spanish Network of the Global Compact of the United Nations, that tireless outreach services and approach that offers the companies to social issues. That is why when our company met this organization and your project and line work, we decided to participate with him and his specific program as a partner of the Global Compact of the United Nations.

After several years as partners in the Spanish Global Compact Network and its counterpart, "The Global Compact" in the international scope, we are happy to participate in and assist in the dissemination and support of its 10 principles based on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. Principles which enjoy universal consensus and are derived from four key points:


• The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

• The Declaration of the International Labour Organization on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

• The Rio Declaration on Environment and Development.

• The United Nations Convention against Corruption.


Being these four points the source of 10 key principles, loaded with social and ethical values ​​in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. We want to make clear that we support, follow and consider these principles and values, as part of our business ethics.


Abadías collaborates with The Global Compact

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